Leid Stories—Clinton Foundation Election Eve Special—11.07.16

On the eve of one of the most contentious presidential elections in U.S. history, the nation finds itself being coaxed into barreling through a bitter contest, bringing it to a close, and moving on under a new administration. But few believe Election 2016 to be a fair fight; even fewer believe it to be an insult to the democratic process. In effect, Election 2016 has been a never-ending saga of political twists and turns, and the “star” of the show hasn’t been substantive issues the candidates differ on, but their various levels and categories of wrongdoing, including major crimes. In Election 2016, voters are actually jurors, weighing the guilt or innocence of the contestants. There’s much on their plates to consider.

Leid Stories has been has been focusing on candidate Clinton and her long and documented history of scandals, shady dealings and organized crime. And yet she seems to benefit from an extraordinary level of political protection. With what has been revealed by charity-fraud expert Charles Ortel and the WikiLeaks documents about the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Foundation and Clinton’s political history, how will the “jury” vote tomorrow?

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