Leid Stories—Clinton’s Tax Records Release Hardly ‘Transparent’—08.15.16

With great media fanfare, the Hillary Clinton-Tim Kaine Democratic presidential ticket released its tax returns Friday, with Clinton taunting Republican nominee Donald Trump to do the same in the interest of “transparency.”

Clinton’s tax records were for 2015; Kaine’s, for the last 10 years. But Clinton’s tax records appeared to have been prepared in such a way as to minimize income derived from the Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation and several subsidiaries related to the mega enterprise, which our guest, former Wall Street banker and investor Charles Ortel, says has been engaging in massive fraud under the guise of philanthropy.

Ortel, who since May has been filing regular investigative reports on Leid Stories about the Clintons and their various global “charities,” reveals in today’s report that several governments have opened up far-reaching investigations into the Clinton Foundation and several of its “initiatives” in their countries  about which they have serious questions. Several U.S. states also have initiated probes, and members of Congress are pushing for federal investigations.

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