Leid Stories—Comey’s Turn at Bat. Home Run or Strike Out?—06.08.17

Former FBI Director James Comey appears before the Senate Intelligence Committee today in a two-part marathon session—one public, the other behind closed doors—to answer an array of questions. Publicly, Comey will testify about his challenges working with an out-of-control president who very often skirted standing policies yet expected him, out of “loyalty” to turn a blind eye to his actions. Privately, Comey will discuss the details of investigations he initiated into Trump’s ties to Russia, whether Russia interfered in the 2016 presidential election to assure Trump’s victory, and whether associates and representatives of Trump are continuing to benefit from under-the-radar ties to Russia.

Whatever the outcome of Comey’s testimony today, some politicians have already drawn their own conclusions. They say Trump should be impeached. Rep. Al Green (D-Texas) announced yesterday that he’s begun drawing articles of impeachment against the president, with fellow Democrat Brad Sherman joining him.

Meanwhile, it’s Comey’s turn at bat, and he says he’s batting for himself, his reputation and his career. Will he hit a home run, or will he strike out?

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