Leid Stories—Does the Green Party Have the Capacity to Deliver on Its Ambitious Platform?—08.09.16

All week this week, Leid Stories’ listeners are our political scientists deconstructing for us the Green Party and its impact (actual and/or possible) on the presidential election and on independent politics in particular.

On yesterday’s program, Dr. Jill Stein, officially nominated over the weekend at the party’s national convention in Houston, Texas, as the party’s standard-bearer in the general election, presented a laundry list of domestic and foreign policies comprising the Greens’ 2016 platform, many of those planks echoing the fighting points of Bernie Sanders’ self-thwarted “revolution” that are now part of Hillary Clinton’s arsenal.

Today’s question for consideration and debate: Is the Green Party being realistic about its capacity to deliver on its ambitious platform, or is it employing the old political trick of telling people what they want to hear in hopes of getting more votes (than the 0.36 percent share of the total it got in 2012) to truly launch itself in the realm of big-league politics?

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