Leid Stories—Dr. Gerald Horne’s Radical Guide to Understanding Election 2016 and What’s Next—10.31.16

Election 2016, with its constant and dramatic twists and turns, is one of the most contentious elections in U.S. history. Nov. 8, Election Day, will not bring an end to the drama; it will only be a marker for a fresh start to political mayhem and turmoil.

Historian and political scientist Dr. Gerald Horne brings radical clarity about the messy presidential election, its domestic and global impacts, and what we’re learning about the state of nonmainstream politics in the United States.

Horne, the John J. and Rebecca Moores Chair of History and African American Studies at the University of Houston and prolific author of more than 30 books and 100 scholarly papers on struggles against imperialism, colonialism, fascism and racism, regularly decodes complex social, political and economic issues on Leid Stories.