Leid Stories—Election 2016: What’s Shaping/Shaped Your Political Choice?—09.12.16

The post-Labor Day campaign push customarily is an all-out effort to lock down votes in the final stretch of a presidential election. But election 2016 has been, and is, no ordinary presidential election. The duopoly’s leading candidates, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, are intensely disliked and distrusted, but have been the mainstay of media coverage as essentially the dominant choices in the race. (They do, after all, account for the lion’s share of pay-to-play advertising dollars flowing into the media’s coffers this political season.)

Leid Stories has been tracking voters’ (and nonvoters’) attitudes about the presidential campaign, the issues driving it, and what their likely choices will be on Election Day. We get current with our “polling” today.

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