Leid Stories – Election 2016’s Most Outstanding Feature: The Rise of the Kakistocrats – 03.30.16

No matter how things turn out, Election 2016 will be remembered as a defining moment in U.S. history. For, this is the year of The Kakistocrats.

Leid Stories discusses the imminent reality of government by the worst.


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Watch the clip Utrice played on air today:

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TITLE: FULL CNN Republican Town Hall [PART 4] With Donald Trump & Anderson Cooper [03-29-2016]

DESCRIPTION: FULL CNN Republican Presidential Town Hall P1 With Ted Cruz & Anderson Cooper March 29th 2016
Just one week ahead of the state-wide primary in Wisconsin, the three remaining Republican candidates vying for their party’s nomination will be featured on a CNN Town Hall tonight at 8 p.m. ET. The event will be moderated by CNN’s Anderson Cooper live from Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

With real estate mogul Donald Trump leading with 736 delegates, Texas Senator Ted Cruz (463) and Ohio Governor John Kasich (143) are looking to make an impact and cover some ground if they have any hope of stopping the Trump train’s momentum. The campaign trail has turned ugly as of late, with personal attacks and the involvement of candidates’ wives brought into the fold; the Town Hall also comes on the same day that Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker offered his endorsement to Ted Cruz.