Leid Stories—Fix It or Nix It?: What’s to Be Done with the Democratic Party?—02.09.17

The crushing Republican sweep of last year’s elections was no fluke or luck of the draw. It was political carnage. Democrats were looking to gain five seats to take back control of the U.S. Senate; they got just two. They won only six House seats; Republicans have a 241-194 majority. Democrats needed 30 seats to retake control of the House; instead Republicans now enjoy a 256-194 majority. At the state level, Democrats got trounced; 28 Democratic governorships went down to 16. With a majority in the Senate, they torpedoed President Obama’s nominee to the U.S. Supreme Court. And, they torpedoed Obama, who was dropping hints that things might have gone better for his party if he were allowed to run for a third term. The Democrats lost 1,042 seats during Obama’s two-term presidency.

President Trump starts his term with a severely wounded Democratic Party, which can do practically no harm to him and his administration. Once again, it falls to the people to fend for themselves. Leid Stories asks listeners: What should be done about the Democratic Party—fix it, or nix it?

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