Leid Stories—In Frenzied Pursuit of Alleged Sexual Attackers, Justice Seems to Mean Running Roughshod Over the Law—12.06.17

John Conyers, who represented Michigan’s 13th congressional district for 53 years, unceremoniously ended his political career yesterday. Conyers, 88, had been battling a staffer’s sexual-harassment allegations against him and buckled under pressure from party leader Nancy Pelosi and others to quit (he had planned to run for reelection next year). Additionally, new sexual-harassment claims from another staffer surfaced on Monday.

Conyers became the biggest fish caught so far in a wide net that self-identified victims of sex crimes, most of them women, have cast to bring their alleged attackers, almost all of them men, to justice. But in pursuit of that justice, Leid Stories says, it seems that lawyers for accusers are playing fast and loose with the law.