Leid Stories—The Green Party’s Recount 2016: Transparency and Answers Demanded of System, But Not of Party—12.07.16

The Green Party’s petitions for court-ordered recounts of 2016 presidential votes in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania so far have yielded mixed results.

With 23 of 72 counties completing their recounts by yesterday, President-elect Donald Trump added 105 more votes in those counties to his 22,000 margin of victory over Hillary Clinton, who lost 41 votes.

In Michigan, where eight counties began recounts of 4.8 million ballots on Monday, a state appeals court ordered an immediate halt to the recounts. Stein has no standing in requesting recounts, the court said, because her poor showing in Michigan does not qualify her as an “aggrieved candidate” under state law. State Attorney General Bill Schuette wants to stop the recounts immediately. The state election board considers the matter today.

Election officials in Pennsylvania announced yesterday adjusted figures showing Trump’s lead over Clinton shrinking from 71,000 to 49,000 of more than 6 million votes cast. But that discrepancy, being contested in a new round of lawsuits by Trump and Republican voters and super PACS, is not enough to trigger an automatic recount, officials said.

Stein has said that her recount push is meant to “protect the integrity” of the vote and the democratic process. But Leid Stories has been raising questions about whether it is as one-dimensional as that.

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