Leid Stories—Haitians in Central and South America Brace Against Bleak Prospects in Bid to Return Home; Sex Abuse Charges Sink NY Attorney General, Not Legal Abuse of Communities of Color—05.08.18

The draconian programs that the Trump administration has vowed to implement to curb illegal immigration into the United States are having ripple effect elsewhere in the hemisphere. Several Central and South American countries are doing thee same, expelling hundreds of thousands who previously were welcomed under a number of national and international humanitarian compacts but now want their foreign guests gone.

Kim Ives, editor of the English edition of Haïti Liberté, has been traveling with Haitian exiles in Central and South America who under extreme difficulty and bleak prospects are trying to return home.

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman resigns at the end of the business day today, and already the list of possible replacements is long. Gov. Andrew Cuomo urged Schneiderman to quit after a New Yorker magazine exposé reported that at least four women linked to him romantically said he was physically abusive to them.

Leid Stories discusses Schneiderman’s history of legal abuse of communities of color in New York state.


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