Leid Stories—Haiti’s Catastrophic 2010 Earthquake A Seismic Boost to the Clintons’ Political Ambitions—09.27.16

Americans continue to hold the view, according to major polls, that Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is “untrustworthy.” Most Haitians—in the United States, Haiti and the Haitian diaspora—would say that characterization is an understatement. For, Hillary and husband Bill have done Haiti grievous wrongs, they’d say, and have done grievous wrongs in Haiti.

Hillary’s all-out campaign to win the U.S. presidency has hit some major bumps, almost all of them pointing to her (and Bill’s) alleged untrustworthiness and unethical conduct and practices. At the center of it all is the recurring question: Where and how did this once-cash-strapped couple get their money?

Journalist, author (most recently We Have Dared to Be Free: Haiti’s Struggle Against Occupation) and academician Dady Chery, who has written extensively on developments in Haiti, explains that Haiti has been, and continues to be, a key element in the Clintons’ personal and political ambitions.

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