Leid Stories—Some Leaders Have A Plan for Trump: Play Ball!—03.29.17

President Donald Trump wants to make nice. It’s finally getting through to him that his presidential “brand” stinks and that he’s the main reason. It’s bad when your own party helps to defeat you in your first big-league battle. Clearly, Trump is in a bind.

Thinking tactically, Trump now says he wants to reach out to Democrats and forge a working relationship with them. A wily Jesse Jackson, who remains at the periphery of black politics as a self-assigned “statesman,” already has penned an op-ed piece on counterpunch.org urging that Trump form “a bipartisan coalition” to advise on the nation’s pressing problems.

Trump obviously knows the Democratic Party is still reeling from Election 2016, that reduced its numbers and clout at every level of government. It, too, could use some help with its damaged brand.

Is a bipartisan coalition the answer? Leid Stories listeners tackle the question.

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