Leid Stories—Looking Within: Redefining Political Leadership—02.15.17

Barely a month in office, President Trump has marked both his territory and his quarry, and, even in the face of widespread opposition, is making headway with his “vision” for America. Like it or not, the Trump train is on track and chugging along.

Trump’s PR machine points up his get-it-done leadership style and his responsiveness to his determined pledge to keep the faith with his support base. His detractors, especially the Democratic Party, seem unable to check his moves.

So, what is happening here? Is it that Trump, a political neophyte, is actually a political genius, or is it that he timed his entry into national politics when opposition forces had self-destructed, were disorganized, or weren’t even capable of waging a credible campaign. Bottom line: most voters on the flip side of Trump’s coin were demoralized and/or betrayed by the parties and independent movements they supported.

Leid Stories asks: Is a new political leadership to be developed?

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