Leid Stories—‘Your Mama’: Trump’s Next Diplomatic Tweet to Kim Jong Un?; Psychiatrists Warn of ‘Dangerous’ President—01.03.18

Lots of rumbling about President Trump’s bizarre behavior and excessive vitriol, but not much evidence that he can be compelled to quit embarrassing himself, his office and the country with his vituperative talk and outrageous actions. Case in point: Pushing both the United States and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea to the brink of war.

Bucking the admonitions of the American Psychological Association against “diagnosing” people, especially public officials, who aren’t their patients (specifically Donald Trump), many mental-health professionals are saying they have a “duty to warn” when they see “signs or risk or danger” to the public in a public official’s erratic behavior. Three mental-health experts explained in an article published yesterday in the Boston Globe why “professionals should further engage in educating the public” about a “dangerous president.”

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