Leid Stories—The New Order and the Politics of Vengeance—01.05.17

President Barack Obama made a rare appearance on Capitol Hill yesterday, a man on a partisan mission. At a Democrats-only, two-hour, closed-door meeting, he urged the party faithful to protect Obamacare, the health-care-coverage program he launched in 2010.

Also on Capitol Hill yesterday, Vice President-elect Mike Pence assured Republicans that dismantling Obamacare is a top priority for the incoming Trump administration, and they must support that effort.

In Obama’s waning days in office, hot-button issues like Obamacare are again reviving hard-edged political and ideological differences between Republicans and Democrats. Trump used these differences, including the problem-plagued Obamacare, to sink Hillary Clinton, and he will continue to mine them to support his presidential agenda and keep the faith with his political base. The Democrats, having suffered stunning losses in the 2016 presidential election, are determined to regain ground by just about any means necessary. It’s already a brutal fight, and it will get worse.

The New Order has reverted to its old ways, practicing the politics of vengeance—not only against each other, but inevitably against the people as well. What’s our plan?

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