Leid Stories—NY’s Attorney General Targets Trump Foundation; Ignores Clintons’ Charity Fraud—10.04.16

State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, saying there is reason to believe there are major irregularities with the Trump Foundation’s fundraising practices and even with its legal status as a charity, on Monday banned the foundation from soliciting funds in New York (where the foundation is registered) until it complies with state charity laws.

Schneiderman, a high-profile Democrat, has not taken similar action against the Clinton Foundation, even though it has been for years the subject of multiple investigative reports centering on massive charity fraud.

Leid Stories, which has been doing an ongoing series on the Clinton Foundation, discusses Schneiderman’s interestingly timed action and the serious questions it raises. Returning as our guide through the Clinton Foundation labyrinth is Charles Ortel, who has been studying and exposing what he calls “the largest unprosecuted charity fraud” for two years.

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