Leid Stories—Obama Signs Out, Trump Signs In. Are We Signing Off or On?—01.17.17

In just three days, some major changes will be made. President Barack Obama will return to civilian life after an eight-year term; President-elect Donald Trump formally will take his turn at the helm; and the nation will develop a keen interest in political wind patterns.

What was mere conjecture just a few months ago—Trump becoming president and causing a tidal wave of victories across the nation for Republicans—as of Jan. 20 becomes inescapably real, though it will be one of the most contentious transfers of power in U.S. history.

Leid Stories has been discussing the need to arrive at a point of “reckoning” about the political system and “clarity” about our collective interests and how we secure and safeguard them. On the cusp of The New Order, with its promised “changes,” the question is: Are we signing on off or on? Neutrality is not an option.


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