Leid Stories—Pot and Kettle: Hillary Clinton Boldly Assails Trump’s ‘Ethics’ – 9.07.16

With polls showing Donald Trump gaining ground on Hillary Clinton in the final stretch of the presidential race, Clinton is using all tactical weapons at her disposal to make him an also-ran. Her weapon of choice yesterday was ethics. Clinton boldly assailed Trump’s lack thereof in his debt-laden business operations, his still-unreleased tax returns, his lawsuit-plagued Trump University that went defunct six years ago, and the Trump Foundation’s violation of federal laws prohibiting charities from making political contributions.

The media failed to see the glaring ironies in Clinton’s attack. But Leid Stories points them out, especially in light of its ongoing series on the Clintons and their eponymous foundation.

Charles Ortel, the recognized expert on the Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation and its multiple pseudophilanthropic offshoots, returns as our special guide through the labyrinth he calls “a massive fraud.”

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