Leid Stories—Recalling Milestones and Urging Increased Civic Involvement, President Obama Bids Farewell; On the Same Day, Hillary Clinton Dedicates A Monument to Herself—01.11.17

From his home city of Chicago, and 10 days before he officially leaves office, President Barack Obama last night delivered his farewell speech to the nation as its 44th president. Astutely avoiding the stunning losses the Democratic Party and his administration sustained in the 2016 elections, Obama instead focused on the many accomplishments of his two terms in office—made possible in large measure, he said, by popular support. He warned that such support will be needed again to put the brakes on some of the Trump administration’s policies.

Leid Stories discusses Obama’s farewell address, paying close attention to his penchant for rewriting history.

While Obama was preparing for his monumental moment, Hillary Clinton was having one of her own in Washington, D.C.

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