Leid Stories—Reckoning with the System: How Far Along Are You, and Where Are You Headed?—11.15.16

It’s a week since Republicans captured not only the White House, the House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate, but 32 state legislatures and 33 governorships as well. By any definition it’s a political drubbing—and, as most believe, a dramatic political turning point for the country. The writing’s on the wall.

As the duopoly’s Trump-Clinton battle entered hyper mode nearing Election Day, Leid Stories encouraged listeners to examine the quandary many voters felt they were in: They intensely disliked and distrusted both candidates, yet felt bound, whether by “civic duty” or force of habit, to cast their lot with one of them. Believing elections to be essentially a two-party affair, they also felt that voting for a “third” party was akin to “wasting” their vote.

The election over (protests across the country seeking to reverse the outcome very likely won’t succeed) and with Trump beginning to shape his administration, it’s all about moving ahead with a new agenda—unless, of course, you have begun your “reckoning” with the system and have an agenda of your own.

Leid Stories checks with listeners on how far along they are with their “homework” assignment.

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