Leid Stories—Remembering Activist Linda Brown and Why We Must Continue to Fight Against Educational Apartheid—03.27.18

Linda Brown’s parents, Leola and Oliver Brown, wanted to enroll their 9-year-old daughter in an elementary school just a few blocks from their home in Topeka, Kansas. The school refused to admit her; instead, Brown’s parents were advised to send their daughter to an all-black school clear across town.

Thus began a protracted legal battle that confronted, and finally broke, educational apartheid in America, with a U.S. Supreme Court ruling, in 1954, that outlawed the “separate-but-equal” doctrine that states routinely used to keep intact their systems of educational apartheid.

Preferring a quiet life, Brown eschewed attention, although she occasionally would give talks on the landmark case. She died on March 25; her family gave no further information.

Leid Stories honors Linda Brown in the continuum of struggle for equal education in the United States of America.

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