Leid Stories—Republicans: ‘Moore’s Illegit, He’s Got to Quit’; More Views on The Far-Reaching Fallout of Hollywood’s Sex-Crime Scandals—11.14.17

Sometimes an unpleasant situation can provoke a valid question. Take, for example, the situation involving former Alabama state judge Roy Moore, a blighted Republican running in a special election Dec. 12 to fill the U.S. Senate seat left vacant by now-U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Moore, a former district attorney, had managed to stave off several political challenges in the past, but he’s at center stage now in a billowing sex-crimes scandal. Five women so far have accused Moore of sex crimes against them, even when some of them were minors. The Republican establishment wants Moore to quit the race and let Luther Strange, whom Moore defeated in the Republican primary, go up against Democrat Doug Jones in the general election. Moore says the sex-crime claims against him are a political hit and he won’t be deterred.

So, the valid question: Can/should the party compel Moore to quit?

Also today, callers who weren’t able to express their views on yesterday’s related topic—“The Far-Reaching Fallout of Hollywood’s Sex-Crime Scandals” —because we ran out of time, get their chance to make their points.


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