Leid Stories—Running Out of Options and Wiggle Room on Multiple Criminal Probes, the Clintons May Play Their Biggest ‘Trump’ Card: Barack Obama!—02.08.18

Bill and Hillary Clinton, veteran survivors of many personal and political battles and scandals, won’t come out of their current predicament unscathed. Their magic formula—deny everything, accuse their accusers, and feed fresh meat to the hounds at their heels—doesn’t seem to be working. They’re smack-dab at the center of multiple criminal investigations, any one of which could net them and their co-conspirators serious time.

The Clintons, fast running out of legal options and wiggle room on possible federal charges, may just play their biggest “Trump” card, says Leid Stories: Throw former President Barack Obama under the proverbial bus and unmask his alleged knowledge of and role in their unparalleled unlawful schemes.

Wall Street banker turned financial investigator Charles Ortel, whose own independent probe has led him to call the Clinton Foundation and its network of spinoff “nonprofit” organizations “the largest unprosecuted charity fraud in world history,” reports his latest findings.

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