Leid Stories—State of Disunion 2018: A People’s Assessment of Donald Trump and His Administration (Part 2)—01.30.18

President Donald Trump will spend a large part of the day putting finishing touches to and rehearsing his State of the Union address (to be broadcast live tonight at 9 p.m. EST).

A kinder, gentler, chastened Trump is expected to: tout his success in jumpstarting the economy with his new tax plan; bask in the glory of his legislative victories; announce a $1-trillion infrastructure overhaul; and present a reworked immigration plan. But Trump’s sales pitches won’t ring true for millions of Americans who claim to to be severely allergic to snake oil.

Leid Stories continues yesterday’s discussion, addressing the question: What is Trump doing right? Or, why hasn’t the opposition not figured out yet what it’s doing wrong?


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