Leid Stories—State of Disunion 2018: A People’s Assessment of Donald Trump and His Administration (Part 3)—01.30.18

President Donald Trump had the nation’s attention last night and he basked in all 80 minutes of it, priming the pump for a national tour that will reiterate and underscore his speech’s major points.

Several Democratic senators and more than two dozen House members legislators boycotted the president’s State of the Union address and others, mostly Democrats, wore black to signify their opposition, but it didn’t seem to faze Trump. He forged ahead, making a strong effort to appear settled in his role as head of state.

Rep. Joe Kennedy, the grandson of Robert F. Kennedy and rising star in the Democratic Party, was selected to respond to Trump. He attacked Trump’s policies, saying they are causing deep social, political and economic divisions in America and all over the world.

Leid Stories concludes our discussions on “the State of Disunion 2018,” focusing on the question: What is Trump doing right? Or, why hasn’t the opposition not yet figured out what it’s doing wrong?

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