Leid Stories—Still in the Closet: Hillary Clinton’s Unexplained Health Problems—10.25.16

Years before she declared her candidacy for president, Hillary Clinton’s health was of concern to her family and those in her inner circle. She had had several major health setbacks and experienced symptoms of serious medical conditions—including sudden falls, concussions from those falls, potentially fatal blood clots, sustained double vision, frequent fainting, coughing fits, seizures and hypothyroidism. Team Clinton, only when the media inquired, would say Clinton is improving and looking forward to being back soon.

Clinton’s dramatic and alarming exit last month from the 9/11 commemoration in Lower Manhattan—ostensibly due to “dehydration” and, later, to “pneumonia”—brought out in the open longstanding concerns about her health that had been stuffed in the political-expediency closet, lest they give life to questions about medical “fitness to rule.”

Several in the medical field have been raising questions about Clinton’s health, pointing generally beyond physiological issues and more toward neurological effects of the known health setbacks Clinton has suffered that could affect her brain function—including ability to think and reason, memory, making sound judgment, etc. Such findings will disqualify a presidential candidate from holding office.

Dr. Ted Noel, who has spent 32 years working in critical care and anesthesia and 10 years as the medical director of a surgical center, independently has been producing a series (VidZette.com) on what he says is evidence that Hillary Clinton is suffering with neurological problems, displaying symptoms very often seen in people with Parkinson’s disease.

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