Leid Stories—Is It Still ‘Terrorism,” Or Is It Something Else?; Lots of ‘Calling’ for Impeachment in Congress, But Few Dare Do It—12.12.17

Akayed Ullah, a 27-year-old Bangladeshi immigrant living in Brooklyn, allegedly intended to be a suicide bomber, targeting the heavily trafficked Port Authority bus terminal in New York City. But a pipe bomb he strapped to his body apparently malfunctioned and instead seriously wounded him and injured five others, police said. Ullah’s attempted attack follows that of Oct. 31 by Uzbekistani immigrant Sayfullo Saipov, who used a rented truck to kill eight people and injured 12 others on a bike path in Lower Manhattan.

Leid Stories had said after the Oct. 31 attack that calling these and other such acts “terrorism” is a deliberate effort by the government to deny that they really are acts of warfare.

Several members of Congress, following the hallowed tradition of laying very low on controversial issues until they sense a groundswell, are “calling” on President Donald Trump to resign. As if he’ll grant their requests. As if that’s how it gets done.

Yet when their colleague, Rep. Al Green (D-Texas), last week awaited a resolution vote on articles of impeachment that he formally introduced against Trump on Oct.11, he found himself a very lonely man. It was a crushing 364-58, with many of those “calling” for Trump’s resignation not among those approving.

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