Leid Stories—Trump Advances His Agenda In 9-Day Trip Abroad, But A Dismal Welcome Awaits Him At Home—05.22.17

President Donald Trump is spending two days—today and tomorrow—in Israel, seeking to broker peace talks between the Israeli and Palestinian governments. It’s his second stop on a wide-ranging nine-day tour of Middle East and European countries of strategic value to the United States, and between and among the countries themselves, regarding such matters as trade, security, terrorism and cooperation. But the tour is also a sales call, with Trump as lead salesman. Saudi Arabia, Trump’s first stop, committed to $450 billion in weapons purchases, investments and partnership in a range of projects.

Trump’s maiden voyage abroad as U.S. president is occurring at a time that members of Congress want to end his presidency. Several investigations with him and close associates are ongoing, and have escalated even to the point of threats of impeachment.

So, juxtaposing these two totally different scenarios, what picture do we get?

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