Leid Stories—Trump Serves Up A Doozie, and Gets Instant Backlash After Firing [FBI Director] James Comey—05.10.17

FBI Director James Comey was on a recruiting trip in Los Angeles yesterday when he learned that he’d been fired by President Trump and that his deputy, Andrew Mc Cabe, temporarily will head the bureau.

Trump and Justice Department officials said that Comey violated Justice Department rules and procedures by publicly discussing certain aspects of the DoJ’s investigation of Hillary Clinton’s private email server. And based on how Comey was handling the Clinton probe as a whole, his bosses (and especially Trump) said, it appeared Comey was too lenient on Clinton and her targeted associates.

Comey’s firing has become the latest, and perhaps most stunning, development in U.S. partisan politics. Leid Stories discusses key aspects of the drama that might more fully answer why Comey was fired.

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