Leid Stories—Trump’s Conduct and Actions Suggest He’s An Out-of-Control President, Not Fit for the Job—07.20.17

We continue yesterday’s discussion on President Donald Trump’s chaotic administration and disastrous policies. Particularly noteworthy and troubling is Trump’s obsession with utterly destroying or supplanting President Barack Obama’s record and achievements, domestic and foreign, over Obama’s eight-year term.

Then there are other major issues that ensnare him: nepotism; conflicts of interest and secret dealing; open attacks on his own governmental agencies; inability to work with Congress; continuous lying; treating the country and its assets as his own personal possessions. He is the most unpopular of all U.S. presidents rated at the six-month mark.

Trump has quickly worn out his welcome, but it’s hard to tell with his maniacal tweeting about how great he is and how lousy or rotten his “enemies” are. Leid Stories asks: How much longer do we tolerate this misfit president?

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