Leid Stories—Twisted Philanthropy: Q&A on the Clinton Foundation—11.07.17

The Clinton Foundation and its principals are about to come under even heavier fire as Nov. 15 looms before them. It’s their final deadline to submit to the IRS a mountain of missing paperwork, reports and documentation for how they ran their multi-million-dollar global nonprofit.

Charles Ortel is a retired Wall Street banker turned financial investigator whose self-initiated investigation proved that several Wall Street-traded companies had been overvaluing their stocks by hundreds of billions of dollars during the time of the 2008-2009 stock market crash. He has spent the past two years examining closely The Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation and has declared it “a total fraud” and “the largest unprosecuted charity fraud in U.S. history.”

As he did yesterday, Ortel has been sharing his findings on the foundation in detailed reports on Leid Stories. He returns today to answer listeners’ questions.


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