Leid Stories—U.S. Clinton Foundation Probe Moves Closer to Indictments; Bogus Overseas Operations Netted the ‘Charity’ Hundreds of Unaccounted-For Millions—01.17.18

Credible sources have confirmed with Leid Stories that months-long FBI probes into the operations of the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation (The Clinton Foundation) will soon produce their first batch of federal indictments of key foundation personnel. The indictments, the sources said, are meant to send a signal to major targets of prosecution—most notably Bill and Hillary Clinton—that there’ll be little wiggle room for negotiations on allegations of massive fraud.

Charles Ortel, a retired Wall Street banker turned financial investigator who independently has been examining the foundation’s finances and operations for more than two years, has been reporting his findings on Leid Stories since his early conclusion that the evidence he uncovered, and still is uncovering, suggests that the foundation is “the largest unprosecuted fraud in U.S. history.”

He joins us with his latest update.

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