Leid Stories—Unfinished Business: Bernie Sanders, the ‘Revolution’ and the Democratic Party—08.01.16

We can all mark the past week as the week we got a not-to-be-forgotten political education. Bernie Sanders ended his “political revolution” with an enthusiastic embrace of the party he decried as antithetical to the interests of America’s working class, and vowed to do everything in his power to elect Hillary Clinton, the symbol and embodiment of practically everything Sanders said was wrong with American politics. His stunning capitulation at the Democratic National Convention, it was understood, also would involve the conversion of a sizable chunk of the 13-million-plus votes that brought him into orbit during the primaries.

Fifteen weeks to the general election, Sanders’ “revolution” is all but dead—its leader, the guy who pulled the trigger and killed it.

“What now?” asks Leid Stories.

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