Leid Stories—In West Virginia, the Writing’s on the Blackboard; Netanyahu and Trump Probably Didn’t Discuss Their ‘Problems’—03.06.18

A state Capitol packed with supporters of teachers in their eighth day of a walkout over pay didn’t sway some Senate leaders to approve a 5-percent pay raise the governor, union leaders and the House of Delegates had signed off on. The state Senate would go no higher than 4 percent for the teachers, who are among the lowest paid in the nation. Taking cues from Trump, hard “negotiations” resume today.

What is the point of prolonging a statewide school shutdown over 1 percent?

This is not about fiscal responsibility, says Leid Stories. It’s the hard-nosed,   Trumpian attitude about who gets to make money and who does not, and who matters politically.

Think Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, keynoter at the America Israel Public Affairs Committee’s convention in D.C., and President Trump, his gracious host at Blair House, appreciated the irony of the moment? We discuss.


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