Leonid Reshetnikov: ‘The US Is Hanging by a Thread’

Maria Pozdnyakova (AiF): Leonid Petrovich, why is the West working so hard to create conflict with Russia?

Leonid Reshetnikov: The Western elite are furious. They didn’t expect us to show as much backbone as we have in Syria.

The West already stopped paying attention to Russia 20 years ago. In 1992, CIA Director Robert Gates had his own victory parade in Moscow. He goose-stepped across the stones of Red Square and toasted the fall of the USSR with champagne. In the ’90s, U.S. politicians told me to my face, “America’s mission is to rule the world. Understand, and submit.”

The Americans first tried to destroy Russia by supporting the Bolsheviks in the October Revolution of 1917. The second attempt occurred during World War II and the third in 1991.

Maria: People think that the USSR and the United States were allies in WWII…

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