Les Leopold – Decoding Hillary: The Truth Vs. What She Claims About Her Wall St. Record

“I went to Wall Street when I was a United States senator. I told them they were wrecking the economy. I asked for a moratorium on foreclosures. I asked that we do more to try to prevent what I worried was going to happen. I also called for closing loopholes including the carried interest loophole. I also called for changes in CEO pay. I have a record.”

This was one of the most truthful and revealing responses Hillary has made during the entire campaign. It came during the Flint debate when asked when she would release her Wall Street speech transcripts. (Full debate transcript here [3].)

What is she really saying? As a senator from New York I have a personal relationship with these guys. I can talk sense to them. They will listen to me.

To Hillary this is playing a strong hand. To everyone else it shows weakness and a startling naïveté about power.

For starters, they obviously blew her off. She got nothing. We got nothing.

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