Les Leopold – Is Hillary Clinton Running Away From Political Reality?

Team Hillary should be extremely worried.

It’s not just that she has suffered landslide losses in the past five caucus states. It’s that she’s overwhelmingly lost the youth vote of all colors, everywhere, and she’ll never get it back.

As this new Wisconsin poll shows: Sanders leads Clinton 49% to 43%. Sanders leads among all African-Americans 51% to 40%. Sanders leads among 18 to 45 year olds 65% to 28%.]

Not only is the youth vote incredibly one-sided, but so is the enthusiasm. Hillary’s vulnerabilities with young people include her perceived untrustworthiness, her emails, her vote for the Iraq War, and her shape-shifting establishment politics. But it all gets wrapped up into what she derogatively calls Bernie’s “single issue” — Wall Street.

Bernie and his supporters see Wall Street as synonymous with runaway inequality which is the key issue that connects so many of our problems. As a result, our kids are convinced that we need a massive political revolution. As Robert Reich recently put it:

Such a political revolution is the prerequisite for everything else – reversing climate change, overcoming structural racism, rebuilding the middle class, achieving equal opportunity and upward mobility for the poor, and avoiding cataclysmic war.

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