Let’s Create A Better World – 05.07.16

Our show is about the struggles we all go through in life, the steps it takes to overcoming these obstacles and being able to develop the ability to take your life to the next level. The focus is on the importance of growing positive relationships in your life, continually developing the best relationship skills possible and being able to resolve relationship issues that come your way in life. Our first guest is Eve Spirit who is a noted Energy Healer with many related specialties in the field. She talks about the struggles and stress that so many of us have gone through or will go through in life, along with how important chakras are in developing the best relationships and best life overall when it comes to overcoming obstacles and growing. Our second guest Steve Wofford is a Transformational Coach who helps others in overcoming addictions along with starting a new conscious life focused on health, wellness and the ability to take their life to the next level. Steve discusses his journey of where he’s been and where he’s at today and what the listeners can do to break any type of addiction. Steve gives great advice on health and nutrition and how important our daily diet living a life of unlimited abundance both physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

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