Let’s Create A Better World – 12.05.16

One of the best shows ever on “Let’s Create a Better World” features Ellie Laks,
founder of  the animal rescue sanctuary, The Gentle Barn.
Host Bobby Elias and Ellie discuss insights, ideas and love as a possible solution for making this a better world. They both agree that the power and strength of love as a major force is key and that there is much that Humanity can learn about
love from animals.  Ellie’s slogan for the Gentle Barn is “Teaching People Kindness and Compassion to Animals, Each Other and Our Planet.”
Ellie begins her story as a seven year old with dreams and goals of caring for animals as they have  always been very healing and nurturing to her as she was growing up.  Her first experience was rescuing sick and injured animals from a petting zoo.
Her heart warming story that eventually led to her fulfilling her dreams and founding the Gentle Barn, is inspiring and exemplifies her passion and love for  animals.
She also expresses her love and compassion for troubled and abused children who live in the inner city, by inviting them to come out to the Gentle Barn where they can meet real live animals,have up close, one on one interactions with them, and learn about taking care of them.  As they exchange energy with the animals, they are exposed to their gentleness and compassion and experience the love that emanates from them.  By the time the children go home, they have a new perspective, attitude and insight about themselves, others, and eating meat.  In addition to this, Ellie shows her love for children by bringing clothes and presents to poor homes at various locations in Los Angeles every Christmas season.
The main purpose for the Gentle Barn’s existence, however, is to take in unwanted, old, sick and injured animals, nurse them back to health, and give them a new home and a new life.  Bobby and Ellie talk about the exemplary rehabilitation program at the Gentle Barn which includes major equipment and incorporates various alternative modalities of healing for animals.
Ellie also has strong feelings of compassion and concern for Indigenous Native Americans.  They talk about the situation in North Dakota involving the Access Oil Pipeline near the town of Standing Rock where thousands of people have come from all over the country to join the Sioux in protesting this imposition on their land and burial grounds.  This is the latest chapter in the mistreatment, abuse and neglect suffered by Native Americans at the hands of the United States government which has broken every treaty & violated their trust, friendship & agreements going back to the 1400’s.
Ellie’s goal is to establish Gentle Barns in every state.   Currently there are two  locations, one in Santa Clarita, California and the other in Knoxville, Tennessee.  The website for the Gentle Barn in California is:  www.GentleBarn.org
Ellie and the Gentle Barn can be reached by email:  info@GentleBarn.org and  or by phone:  661-252-2440