List of Wiki Injustices

Why is it imperative that Congress hold a hearing to investigate Wikipedia and invite members of the public to testify? A two-year investigation into the organization by journalists and lawyers has uncovered the following:

  1. Wikipedia is violating its own policies and guidelines requiring verifiability, neutrality, respect for living people:
    1. by using self-published sources and sources that are not reliable
    2. by not taking a neutral point of view
      1. enforcing the rules unevenly
      2. permitting pay-to-play editing
      3. choosing which editors are allowed on the platform
      4. mischaracterizing the sources
      5. pushing one ideology while denigrating another
    3. by not showing respect for living people, but rather causing harm to the reputation and businesses of individuals with whom/which they disagree


  1. Wikimedia Foundation has stripped itself of the immunity conferred by section 230 of the Communications Decency Act:
    1. by taking in active role in the published content
      1. involving itself editorially in the content it hosts
      2. choosing which editors are allowed a platform
      3. choosing when and where to enforce its rules


  1. Wikimedia Foundation has violated its charter as a non-profit:
    1. by violating IRS regulations governing nonprofit corporations, supporting certain political candidates while denigrating others
    2. by selectively permitting pay-to-play editing and institutional conflicts of interest, particularly where generous donors are concerned
    3. by applying its rules unevenly to favor some political and corporate establishment entities while libeling those it dislikes, in violation of its own policies
    4. by censoring user-generated content, to allow only that favored by those in power, in violation of section 230 of the Communications Decency Act

It is imperative that Congress not only hold a hearing to investigate these injustices, but that they invite individuals who have been targeted by the editors at Wikipedia, as well as journalists familiar with the mountain of evidence against the organization, to testify at that hearing.