Love Lust And Laughter – 04.11.18

LOVE WORTH MAKING – HOW TO HAVE RIDICULOUSLY GREAT SEX IN A LONG LASTING RELATIONSHIP” is a book written by Stephen Snyder, M.D. – and my guest. His is a book written in an easy, conversational tone that could serve as a manual for couples and for therapists who are not sex experts. Dr. Snyder points out that emotional skills and physical awareness are typically more central to good sex than sexual technique. More self-acceptance and less self-criticism often enhance the libido. Dr. Diana and Dr. Snyder enjoyed a lively discussion about these matters and more. Part 2 will be broadcast on May 1st. He will give his book to the first caller. Get ready to call-in! Dr. Synder’s website is www.LoveWorthMaking.com


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