Lumber Liquidators

Lumber Liquidators in trouble over this chemical found in flooring, but CDC wants to inject your children with it

Lumber Liquidators has made headlines recently, but it’s not because of some mega clearance sale or feel-good promotion. Rather, they were selling flooring that contained a toxic chemical known to jeopardize people’s health — formaldehyde.

Worse, they were making false claims about this, saying that the Chinese-made laminate flooring they were supplying fell within state and federal formaldehyde limits. In reality, the flooring exceeded state and federal formaldehyde standards by as much as a whopping 1,300 percent.(1)

This caused an uproar among concerned citizens, ultimately resulting in a series of class action suits across the country.

The news has been worrisome for many; after¬†60 Minutes¬†aired information about the cancer-causing chemicals found in the flooring, Lumber Liquidators stock fell dramatically — 25 percent.(2)

Forget flooring: What about the formaldehyde in our vaccines?

While the fact that Lumber Liquidators has come under pressure for this, there seems to be a greater issue at hand.

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