Lynn Stuart Parramore – The Zentrepreneur: Ayn Rand in Lotus Position?

You’ve seen the entrepreneur game-changing up a Silicon Valley storm. Perhaps you’ve met more recent additions to this can-do tribe: there’s the micro-entrepreneur, eagerly hopping along Task Rabbit with dry cleaning deliveries, and the social entrepreneur, hacking world hunger with a single app.

Now there’s a new market maven in town. He levitates on puffs of peace and profundity, eager to transform your soul-deadening slog through late-stage capitalism into an ecstatic trip to Nirvana.

Behold, the zentrepreneur. Rolling self-help, New Age mysticism, eastern religion, philosophical fads, and crack marketing into one intoxicating package, the zentrepreneur proclaims freedom from the nasty business of business with blissful buzzwords: Belief, sustainability, consciousness, positivity.

The zentrepreneur can manifest as a management consultant, Tony Robbins-style guru, business creator, or yoga-obsessed executive who sees capitalism as a spiritual practice and employees as templates for enlightenment.

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