Mainstream Media’s Schizophrenic Attitude Towards “Conspiracy Theories”

Late February the Finnish publication Iltalehti published a sensational news headline about conspiracy theories:

Now it is proven: conspiracy theorists are fools living in a bubble

The internet is the information highway for both good and bad, because on the net all content is equal and trustworthy content competes for attention among all kinds of misinformationAmong other things, conspiracy theories and the peddling alternative media, are spread widely within the depths of the net.

Rumors, propaganda, and other net-loopers have become such a serious problem, that the World Economic Forumcommitted to monitoring the state of the world, named it as one of modern societies greatest threats alongside terrorism and cyber crime.

This Iltalehti article refers to an article written in English on Vice Motherboard that itself refers to the Italian study at PLOS One.

Iltalehti’s first comment suggests that only the content of mainstream media represents absolutely trustworthy information, while again alternative media’s “conspiracy theories” are rumor, propaganda and misinformation. Conspiracies are someth

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