Making Science History – Jim Hightower

We’ve all seen those touchy-feely TV ads with baby deer, butterflies, and sylvan streams — claiming that some big corporate polluter is nature’s best friend.

There’s a word for such hokum: greenwashing.

Leave it to the Koch brothers, however, to invent a whole new category of greenwashing. Doling out millions of their oil-smeared greenbacks, David and Charles Koch have been buying their way onto the boards and into the exhibits of elite museums of science.

The fossil-fueled billionaires are using the academic and cultural prestige of these establishments to wash their filthy reputations and to spew the self-serving balderdash that climate change is a natural phenomenon, not one caused by polluting profiteers like them.

Astonishingly, David Koch was able to purchase a seat on the decision-making boards of the American Museum of Natural History in New York and the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History in Washington.

I know museums are scrambling for money, but come on — an infamous science-denier directing a science museum?

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