Mandatory vaccines bad for California, U.S. – Bob Sears

Two bills threaten our freedom to make health care decisions. In California, Senate Bill 277 mandates that all children be fully vaccinated in order to attend public school, private school or day care. Unprecedented opposition has risen up against it as parents statewide stand up for their rights.

Now, a federal bill has just been submitted to match it: H.R. 2232 will require states to have mandatory vaccine laws for public school attendance in order to receive federal grant money for preventive health services. It’s essentially a financial threat by the federal government for all states to get their citizens in line.

As an Orange County pediatrician, I give vaccines in my office every day. I’ll be one of the first to acknowledge how important they are. But when we take a closer look at what these drastic changes really mean, wiser minds will realize they are bad choices for our state and our nation. These bills rob us of religious and personal freedom, remove parental control over their children’s medical treatments and unfairly target low-income and single-parent families.

If these bills were simply a declaration of whether vaccines are good or bad, I’d be voting yes, along with the rest of the Legislature. Yet they have nothing to do with whether vaccines are right or wrong.

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