Matt Agorist – Investigation Finds Clinton Does Best Where Voting Machines Flunk Hacking Tests

Since the beginning of the year, the political election process has exposed Americans to more corruption and vote rigging than at any time in history.

Beginning in Iowa and eventually getting blown wide open in Arizona, the fraud and suppression of votes have let Americans know that their rulers are selected not elected.

In Iowa, to break the supposed ties between Clinton and Sanders, the precincts held actual coin flips to decide this most crucial primary of the cycle. Clinton won all 6.  

But it doesn’t stop there, the fraud was so rampant and on display that a C-SPAN video even caught it.

As the primary moved to Nevada, another blatant act of election rigging was captured on video. As a poll worker tries to stop them from entering before they are registered, dozens of voters, wearing Clinton T-Shirts, walked right past the caucus registration booth to participate in the caucus. They never registered.

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