Maya Gold – Top Ten CEOs’ Pay Is an Annual Raise for Half a Million Workers

America, chief executive pay is now 300 times more than the average worker. That’s a high enough ratio that presidential candidates are taking note on both sides of the aisle. Senator Bernie Sanders listed the statistic in a statementsupporting mandated CEO disclosure of salaries, and CEO Trump himself declared that the numbers were “disgraceful.”  

However, even on a topic where a democratic socialist and a real estate mogul agree, it turns out that there’s always a devil’s advocate. JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon proposed an interesting hypothesis on a recent Meet the Press: lowering executive pay won’t fix our nation’s staggering income inequality.

“If you took all the compensation of all the CEOs of the top 500 companies in America, it wouldn’t make a dent in the problem,” he said.

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