medication in water

Medications Found in Water are Changing the Sex of Fish

There has been a spate of mainstream media (MSM) articles recently revealing the linkage between drugs in the water supplies and altered reproductive organs of fish. Some of these exposés have drawn a correlation between the explosion of fish abnormalities (and mutations) and different types of prescription and over-the-counter drugs found in their aquatic environments.

That the water supplies the world over, especially where medication drugs are both plentiful and affordable, have now reached such dangerous concentrations is rarely addressed by public health authorities.

As reported by UPI:

“As the rate of diabetes skyrockets in the United States, so too are prescriptions for the drugs that treat the blood sugar disorder. One of the most common Type II diabetes medication is metformin.

But metformin isn’t just being found on pharmacy shelves and private medicine cabinets. It’s also increasingly showing up in freshwater systems. Now, new research suggests it could be to blame for intersex fish.”

What is particularly alarming is that metformin is actually showing up in higher concentrations than caffeine.

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